The Xhosa word 'dala', when translated into English means 'to bring into existence' or to create. It has also become a South African slang word for "making a plan", "getting it done" or "doing it your way" which is very apt for what we do here at Dala, and what we encourage artists and crafters to do too. Do it your way! At Dala, we create products that allow artists and crafters of all ages and at all levels of proficiency the freedom to create successfully. Our products are not only formulated in the lab, but in classrooms and studios around the world. We use only the highest quality, non-toxic raw materials in our production processes to provide you with a product you can trust. Dala employs professional artists and crafters to constantly evaluate our product range, and we reserve the right to improve on the formulation of our products in order to reflect advances in science and technology.

Acrylic Paint
All-In-One Dye
Craft Paint
Glass Glaze
Glitter Paint
Metal Paint
Neon Craft Paint
Spray Paint
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