Wusthof Classic Ikon Knife block with 6 knives


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The handy knife block provides protection for your blades as well as a visual compliment to your kitchen decor.
Made from high-quality ash, black.
6 piece set.

Knife block: Length 24 cm, wide 11 cm, height 24 cm.

1030330409 – CLASSIC IKON Paring knife
1030331614 – CLASSIC IKON Sausage knife
1030331123 – CLASSIC IKON Bread knife
1030330716 – CLASSIC IKON Utility knife
1030330120 – CLASSIC IKON Cook´s knife
1030331317 – CLASSIC IKON Santoku


Dishwasher Instructions

Although some Wüsthof products are dishwasher safe, we do not recommend that your knives and scissors be put in the dishwasher. Blades can knock together, damaging them, and if not washed soon after use, corrosive food particles can damage the blade. Rather wash your knives as soon as possible after each use with warm water and a little detergent, rinse carefully and dry with a towel.

Knife Sharpening

All knives require regular sharpening. Wüsthof manufactures sharpening options that suit all of their knives, including whetstones, honing steels and pull-through sharpeners.



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