Lotus Rock Frying Pan 30cm

Lotus Rock™ is a new non-stick coated product range that is easy to clean, energy efficient and long-lasting. The innovative nano-silica coating prevents liquids such as sauces and water from entering the surface of the cookware, making it much easier to clean. Lipophillic properties in this coating mean that cooking oil can be absorbed – improving the non-stick surface of the cookware. Underneath this fine glass crystal coating is a thick, hard wearing ceramic interior, making it extremely durable with a very high heat resistance. Eetrite’s Lotus Rock™ cookware is constructed from carbon steel, resulting in quick heat absorption. This allows food to retain its vitamin content and creates an energy efficient cooking experience. The Lotus Rock™ range is suitable for all stove-tops, including induction and is metal utensil safe.
13/0 stainless steel
Metal Utensil Safe
Induction Friendly
Energy Efficient
Healthy cooking

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