Global Bread Knife 22cm


This knife will aid you in cutting bread effortlessly.
For most types of food preparation in the home or in the professional kitchen, a knife that is sharp and well-maintained should suit the job. There are times, however, when a serrated blade is more suitable.
One of the most difficult food types to cut is bread because a loaf normally has a hard crust exterior and a soft interior. Any pressure on the crust when cutting means that the resulting slice is often squashed and misshapen. The serrated edge gives you a head start and with minimal pressure.
All knife measurements are for the blade only, not the handle.
Length : 33cm Blade Length : 22cm Weight : 160g Blading : Serrated one side, beveled the other. The blades of Global bread knives are straight and strong so each cut of a loaf, baguette or bagel is exactly the thickness you want it – you have control over the knife where thin and cheap blades give wayward results.

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